Greetings from Babs – My Happy Place

Greetings from Babs – My Happy Place

January 5, 2017 Life in Waynesville, NC 2

Happy Place

A place inside or outside all of us where we are all happy and receive much needed warm fuzzies. Our happy places are insulated from the madness that makes up most of our lives.

My mother and I used to joke quite a bit about going to our “Happy Place” which, of course, is different for all of us. For her, it was unwinding at a little consignment store around the corner from where she lived. They knew her by name and always greeted her with a smile when she walked in. The cares and worries of her day would just go away as soon as she arrived and started looking through the new treasures she would not otherwise afford. She NEVER paid full price for anything and she ALWAYS looked beautiful.

Fresh out of high school and barely going to college, I started my working career in a small upscale boutique out on St. Armand’s Circle located in Sarasota, Florida and it was there where I got the best education. I learned the world of style, fashion, and sales. It was an education that I couldn’t have gotten from a book so, college went by the wayside and I continued at the little boutique, consistently staying in the top 3, out of 10-15, in sales. I had found my niche.

As we all know, life will take unexpected twists and turns and so it went with mine. In 1994, I found myself back in Orlando, (where I am from originally) working at a very popular motorcycle dealership (HD). I knew nothing about motorcycles but I knew everything about clothing and during that time, their brand was exploding and they needed someone to take the reins and put a spotlight on the clothing and accessories. So, I went from high-end to high-demand and was quickly made the key accessories and clothing buyer for the area dealerships. It was an opportunity like no other and it was a fun job from the day I started. The best part of that time was meeting Steve, the man I would later marry.

Life took another turn in 2001 and I landed behind a desk working as a paralegal and worked in a similar capacity for the next 15 years in a law firm, a hospital and, most recently, a bank. Through those years, I’ve never forgotten where I started in that beautiful little boutique and I’ve always remembered how my mom described the little store she loved so much. I’ve spent quite a bit of time wondering if I would ever have the courage to take yet another leap – this time into being a business owner. In October 2016, the answer was a resounding YES. “If not now – when?” kept ringing through my head so, I took the leap.

If someone had told me prior to October 2016, that I would one day I would own my business, I would have given my standard chuckle followed by, “yeah, right”, even though I had really always wondered what it would be like. I guess the fantasy of owning my own business was my Happy Place but I never knew just where to begin. As it turns out, you just begin.

Tragically, I lost Mom in 2014, but I think she would approve of the little boutique I’ve created and she would be proud of where I am on my life’s journey – I hope so anyway. Here I am, starting yet another new chapter where I can put all my experiences together and make Ellie’s my very own Happy Place. It is my greatest hope that it will become yours too.

Look forward to meeting you.


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  1. Sandra pittman

    April 22, 2017

    Babs, you always remember me. Amen and that does mean a lot!! I love what you have done with the store and I enjoy coming in and looking around. I'm sure your mom would have been thrilled!!! Blessings, Sandy Pittman

    • Babs

      May 13, 2017

      Thank you so much, Sandy for the kind words and continued support. You are among some of the most wonderful women I've met since making Ellie's my own. It's always a pleasure seeing you. B

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